Great meeting this morning at Codebase with a group of 8 discussing monitoring and testing of ecommerce sites with Pete Mowforth of INDEZ. Ecommerce is all about tracking, nipping and tucking. Once you are on a platform that works well for you all of us that have been doing this for a while agree that profit is sanity and we have to alter our sites and platforms that we promote on based on measurable data from google analytics and other platforms including our site whether it be magento, shopify, big commerce or other. Indez has developed a monitoring dashboard for ecommerce that is very useful in bringing all that information into one viewable platform that helps with decision making and identifying what is and isnt working for the site. Interesting to see and discuss with one of our businesses who is already using this.

In addition we discussed the difficulty in finding the right people as employees and developers who really know their stuff. The right person or team is like gold dust. However we all acknowledge the need for an Institute of Ecommerce to train scaling businesses the right way so they can increase their profitablility and employ more people and help grow Scotland’s GDP.  Gillian Crawford has been working on getting some PR articles out about the need for ecommerce and some of you may have seen the latest on Linkedin. Pete has been meeting with the Scottish Government to get support for the idea. The founder of the club, Ann-Maree Morrison, is working with the W20 for the G20, Chatham House and the Women In Enterprise Action Group to push the international side of ecommerce and in growing the club in Stirling to get the word out there to any of you who would like to attend. Open to anyone interested of any stage if they believe they will scale but conversation tends to be at the advanced level aimed at those who are already online and scaling. The club has been going on an informal basis with a few people for probably around 8 years, Ann-Maree, Lee and Ken used to meet over coffee! Now with a website presence and support from Codebase offering their space to the group we are meeting at the centre of technology in Stirling, Codebase. Many of the businesses are Central Scotland and Glasgow based.

This morning we also chatting about the differences in ecommerce on Magento, Big Commerce and Shopify primarily and what works well for what kind of business, the benefits and disadvantages of upgrading to new sites or versions of platforms, and the risks and things to watch when migrating data. We had a chat around social media also and and how to spend the percentage of profit that comes from social media sites on advertising spend on those sites and no more. This is generally no more than 5% of  your spend but can vary depending on the product and how many impressions your site earns as opposed to sales from social platforms.

Meetings are totally informal and open for you to raise any questions or problems you are having on your own site currently and there are no sales pitches. We are about self help and cross mentoring, not sales.

Interested in our July meeting? Just turn up but ideally let Ann-Maree know by emailing for organising purposes at Codebase. We meet the last Tuesday every month 9-11am in Stirling at Codebase.